Recapture Your Video/Audio Memories

Video to .MP4 & Audio to .mp3 Transfers, 19.50/tape

Transferring the past to present

Did you know your old video tapes degrade over time?  Let us help you preserve your video memories for generations to come.  Converting your Beta, 8mm, 4mm, VHS-C, and VHS tapes to DVD or computer video files is quick and easy.  Over our 30 years in business we have saved many hours of footage for our customers, giving them the opportunity to share their history with friends and family. Here at Disc, Inc. we understand the importance of memories and family, after all we are family owned and operated. We will convert your memories safely to a format that best fits your needs.  All conversions include one DVD copy or computer video file (mp4) with a printed title on the disc and a paper sleeve for protection.  DVD video’s are playable in DVD set tops as well as computers with DVD drives.  Send us your tapes and we will recover your precious memories for you today.  Have photos or slides see our scanning page for more information on photo scanning.

We recover video from:

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • S-VHS
  • 8mm
  • Hi8
  • Digital 8
  • 4mm
  • Mini DV
  • Beta
  • Digital Betacam
  • Betacam SP
  • PAL / NTSC conversions
  • Super 8 reels
  • standard 8 reels
  • and others

We convert Audio from:

  • Cassette tapes
  • Reel-to Reel

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Our Most Frequently asked Questions...

What formats can you convert?

We convert almost any format from VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Beta, Beta SP & Select 8mm / 4mm tapes.

can you convert PAL (European) VIDEO FORMATS?

We can process most video types VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, & Select 8mm / 4mm tapes in PAL format.  Additional fees apply If you would like a PAL to NTSC conversion.

How long does it take?

Orders take around 5-6 business days to process once your order has been received. 
We process orders with high standards and quality equipment.
Turn times are not guaranteed due to the uniqueness of each order.

How much does it cost?

Tapes to DVDs (VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Beta SP & Select 8mm / 4mm) are $19.50each.  Have more than 6 tapes?
We offer price breaks determined by the quantity of tapes you would like converted.

Can I get additional copies?

Want more copies? No problem, additional DVD copies with printing and paper sleeves are $5.00 each. 
Want to hand them out as gifts? Customized DVD packages are available for $75.00.  Packages include 10 DVDs with color print, DVD covers and Cases.  Provided your desired artwork for the disc face and the title and we will do the rest.

I’m worried about the content in a few of my tapes?

Our transfer process is all done entirely by hand so we see the content of every video to some degree.  Most video collections contain content of an ‘interesting’ nature which may be little silly, embarrassing, or even crazy!  We are all human and understand this completely. However, We are obliged, by law, to state that any videos containing illegal activities will have to be reported to the appropriate authorities. We are sure you will support us in this obligation and support us in this regard.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit cards accepted: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover we also accept Cash and Checks.

Where do I send my tapes?

We are located inHouston, Texas where projects are processed in house. 
Live in Houston? Feel free to stop by and meet your team.  
Need directions?  


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