Computer Crashed?  Photos Lost?  USB Won't Load?

We love our computers and electronic media.... until they crash. With data recovery, we know that it doesn't matter whether you lost one or two files or your entire system. What does matter is that you need the data now. Whether it's a hard drive, memory card, flash drive or other storage medium, if you cannot get to your data, we can.

Our data file recovery service uses a non-destructive process recovering physical failures and intentional damage. Recovery from system failures includes viruses, inability to boot, accidental deletion, data corruption and inaccessible drives or partitions.

We swiftly recover and restore almost any media, getting you up and running fast! From crashed hard drives to outdated tapes, we have specialized technology and experience to quickly and easily access the information you need. So if your hard drive is clicking, you accidentally deleted important files or your drive is simply not showing up on your computer, send it in!

Download the required hard drive recovery forms or media / USB recovery forms here.


Data File Recovery Service recovers failures from:

  • PC & MAC
  • Internal & External hard drives
  • Laptops
  • Floppy disks
  • Servers
  • Tapes
  • Cartridges
  • CDs & DVDs
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Memory Cards
  • Media Cards
  • Email files
  • Digital Cameras

We understand that not all recovery needs are the same.  There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to access your data.  Sometimes it's a serious hardware issue, while others times it may be a minor defect that's undetectable to the untrained eye.

Disc, Inc. offers free initial recovery evaluations.  Simply bring in your drive and your completed recovery forms and within 24/48 hours, our technicians will let you know if they can recover your data. Iffurther hardware diagnostics are required prior to making the determination, you will be contacted for approval prior to any work being done. Flash drives, memory cards and electronic media recoveries start at $75.

  • In most cases initial inspection of hardware will determines a basic recovery issue, allowing Disc, Inc. to retrieve the data without scanning or rebuilding partition of the drives, the cost will be $350 plus any required parts to restore the data to a new drive.
  • If extensive scanning or partition building is required in order to recover missing or deleted data, the cost will be $550 plus any required parts to restore the data to a new drive.

If your affected drive is making any noticeable noises upon start up, it may indicate hardware damage or failure.  In this case, our technicians will contact you with options available for the recovery.

*Note: Tiers as described here are indicative of the most common situations.  All recovery jobs are different and can not be accurately diagnosed without being evaluated by our technicians. As always, the initial evaluation is free.  If we are not able to recover your data, you will not be charged.  If we can recover your data, but you opt against proceeding, a $25 processing fee will apply.

Data file recovery technology is constantly changing. Please contact one of our data file recovery specialists at 713.864.7845 or e-mail us for your recovery solution.