Who We Are

Dedicated to Client Satisfaction

Yes, everyone touts customer service, but at Disc, Inc., it's ingrained in everything we do.  With nearly 30 years in the industry, we are well aware that our success depends on you.  That's why we maintain the "old-fashioned" ideals of answering the phone and speaking to our clients directly.  
We're here to make YOU look good. Let us prove it!

Meet the Owners, David and Carrie Carter

David and Carrie Carter have been partners more than half their lives. While David runs the production side of Disc, Inc., Carrie serves as President, overseeing the day to day business operations. With their daughter, Jacqulyn, serving as production coordinator, Disc, Inc. truly is a family owned and operated business.

In addition to being a technology "sponge", David is an avid motorcyclist - not a combination you see very often! You will often find him reading 500 page manuals just for fun while he constantly researches and reads up on the latest technological trends. Carrie is a lifetime Girl Scout and volunteers on numerous committees within the organization. She is passionate about the outdoors and frequently teaches other troop leaders how to share that love of nature with the girls. Carrie is active with many aspects of Girl Scouts and lends her expertise and support to other many other organizations.

Next time you stop by, ask for an introduction! We keep them pretty busy, but they always enjoy meeting clients.

Our Mission

Disc, Inc. provides a national client base with innovative computer services. We use creative problem solving and maintain state-of-the-art systems and software to facilitate delivery of these services. While observing the rapid evolution of new standards and technology, we remain open to a wide range of concepts and solutions. Using our team synergy, we provide our clients and business partners with short response times, competitive prices and superior services to help them keep up with the ever-changing computer industry.

Our History

In 1982, founder Susan Coon had a vision of bringing OCR scanning and conversion services to companies with Wang, Xerox 860, IBM Displaywriter, and other dedicated word processor systems. Armed with a couple of Kurzweil scanners and boxes of 8" floppies, Dimensions in Scanning and Conversions was born.

Our capabilities continued to expand into the new IBM PC, Macintosh and mainframe computer tape markets. Using converters and creative engineering we moved data between almost all systems available. Mainframe 9 track tapes to PC ¼" cartridges could be exchanged to bring the corporate data to the masses. We were there when duplication meant 5.25, 3.5 and 8" floppies and we still maintain that equipment today. Our name Dimensions in Scanning and Conversions was shortened into Disc, Inc.

Our Commitment

In the ever-changing world of computer services, owners David and Carrie Carter are committed to remaining on the cutting edge.  With an exceptional staff and creative problem solving, Disc, Inc. continues to evolve.  Hard drive recovery, data and video conversions, duplication and replication keep us busy today. Tomorrow? Our finely tuned crystal ball has not shown us what is in store for the industry ten years down the road, but you know we will be here with top of the line computer services solutions.

Have a suggestion?  Disc, Inc. uses a team approach in everything we do.  Our clients are a huge part of that team, so if there is a service we can provide to help you succeed, please e-mail our president Carrie Carter or resident technical guy David Carter and let us know.  If we are unable to implement it right away, chances are we can recommend an alternate solution.